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Headline Swap

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Generating new headlines to help you get past writer’s block or inspire you to find the ideal message for your audience with Headline swap.

Note: Headline Swap is currently available to Standard plans.  Pro and Advanced have access to the full writing assistant for headlines and text. 

The fine print

  • You can only swap with “Headline” text types (not "Normal text")
  • Headline Swap is available on all Standard plans
  • Headline Swap is accessible in Alert Bars for all plan types
  • Credits are used to generate new headlines
  • Credit balances will reset for all users on the 1st of each month

How to Swap Headlines


1. Write a headline on your page or highlight an existing one, then select the ai icon from the text widget settings.

2. Click Swap Headline to get a new headline. The tool has varying tones and uses your own headline to create new headline ideas.

3. Proofread the new headline and make any edits to ensure it is factually correct and makes sense for your use case and audience.

4. Continue to click Swap Headline if you don’t like the result and want another headline.swap_howto.gif (1236×702)

Changed your mind? No problem, simply click undo or redo within the text widget options to navigate forward and backward between your swaps until you find the one you like best.

swap_undo_redo.gif (1206×602)

For more information on our Text Widget, please visit this article.

AI Engine Credits

AI Engine credits are used to generate new content. Standard plans include 10,000 credits, which automatically replenish on the first of each month – regardless of plan type. To learn more about AI Engine credits, click here →

Credit Details

From the ai tab of the text widget settings, click the arrow to expand your Credit Details revealing your usage, allotment, and when your credits reset.

swap_credits.jpg (1700×958)

Note: During a trial, users will have access to 3,000 AI Engine credits. Once you become a paying customer, you will unlock the rest of your plan’s credit balance.


When using Headline Swap, prior to clicking Swap Headline, you will be provided with an estimation range. This range can be used to better understand how many credits you may be charged before you’ve actually used them.

swap_estimations.jpg (1736×958)

Get more credits

Credits are replenished on the first of every month for every plan, but if you don’t want to wait, learn how to get more below.

Upgrade your plan

If you are on a Standard plan and you want more credits than your plan allows, you can upgrade to gain access to more credits. Upgrading to the Pro or Advanced plan will give you access to the Writing Assistant as well as additional credits. More information on the Writing Assistant here.

From the ai tab of the text widget, click Get More Credits to see your plan options.

std_morecreds.jpg (1736×958)

For detailed information on changing your plan, please visit this article.

End your free trial early

In trial, you’ll be provided with 3,000 AI Engine credits. Once you are a paying customer, your plan’s credit balance is unlocked. If you are in trial and want access to your plan’s remaining credit balance early, you are welcome to end your trial.

WARNING: Ending your free trial early cannot be undone.
  1. Click your account name at the top-left corner of your Leadpages navigation menu.
  2. Select Billing
  3. Scroll to the AI Engine Credit section and click End Trial to Unlock
  4. Review and accept the order summary; then click End Trial and you will be immediately charged for your account, which unlocks the AI Engine credits for your plan.

standard_endtrialearly.jpg (1902×1312)

Frequently asked questions

What tones are used when swapping headlines?

The tone used for your headline is randomly selected on each swap and could be any of the following tones: casual, convincing, enthusiastic, formal, funny, inspirational, joyful, passionate, or thoughtful.

What if I want to get copy ideas for more than my headlines?

If you want to get copy suggestions for more than just headlines, we recommend you check out Writing Assistant, which is only available in our Pro and Advanced plans. Learn more here →

How do I know how many credits it will take?

The credits deducted vary each time you use Headline Swap. The AI Engine takes many factors into account, including the character count of your original headline and the output text provided. You can use the Estimation provided before you generate your headlines to understand how many credits it will take to generate a headline.

What else can AI Engine do?

Along with swapping headlines (Headline Swap), AI Engine also gives you the ability to summarize, ror expand text with Writing Assistant. 

What if I have suggestions for how to make Headline swap better?

We’d love to hear from you! Click here to share your feedback with our team.


Need more help?

You can always get in touch with our support team—just click Support in your Leadpages navigation menu, or submit a ticket ↗

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