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The text widget

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The text widget is the primary tool for adding text to your sites, pages and pop-ups. Learn how to format and style your text as well as add links and more here.


Using the text widget

To get started, simply click and drag it to the location you wish to add text, or use an existing text widget from one of our templates.

Editing text

You can click on any text directly and start typing to edit it, or hover over the text and click the edit icon to open the text widget settings.

We support multiple paragraphs, so you can hit the return/enter key to add even more content. Use shift + return/enter to create a new single-spaced line.

If you make a mistake, you can use standard undo and redo keyboard shortcuts (command/ctrl + z to undo, and command/ctrl + y to redo).

The text widget settings are movable. Therefore, if the settings are in the way of the text you are editing, simply click and drag the text widget settings to be better positioned for your editing.


Selecting text type

Use the “headline” text types to structure your page, easily applying your default global styles as you select each type. Quickly style your paragraphs, product descriptions and more by selecting the “normal text” type, which will automatically apply the normal text default styles.

Newly added text widgets will default to normal text. To change the look of your text, simply select a different text type from the dropdown or create custom text by changing the selections within the text widget settings.


Headline SEO tags

Some users want to make sure they have an SEO H tag on their page. You can make sure of this by using the headline types, as each size setting within the headline types corresponds with an H tag like so:

  • Headline 1 = <h1>
  • Headline 2 = <h2>
  • Headline 3 = <h3>

More on tracking and SEO here.

Using AI with your copy

Get past writer’s block and publish faster with these AI-Engine powered options available in the text widget.

Writing Assistant

  1.  Highlight the copy you are hoping to get ideas for
  2. Click the ai tab of the text widget options
  3. Select the use case for your copy and your desired tone
  4. Click Get Copy and a new copy option will be added below your original text

wa_txt.gif (1218×638)

For more information on Writing Assistant, please visit this article.

Swap headlines

  1. Write a headline on your page or highlight an existing one
  2. Click the ai tab of the text widget options
  3. Click Swap Headline in the text widget settings to get a new headline. The tool has varying tones and uses your own headline to create new headline ideas.
  4. Proofread the new headline and make any edits to ensure it is factually correct and makes sense for your use case and audience.
  5. Continue to click Swap Headline if you don’t like the result and want another headline

swap_howto.gif (1236×702)

For more information on Swap Headlines,please visit this article.

Customization and styling details

In addition to your global defaults, you can also make custom changes to individual widgets or pieces of text.

You can easily identify text with custom styles by the asterisk* beside the text type in the text widget settings. ( Ex. Headline 1*)

TIP: To set defaults for all the text on your page or site, click Styles in the left sidebar of the builder, then Font Styles and choose your desired settings.

You can also use your custom text type’s settings as your default style.

From the text widget settings, simply click Update beside your custom text type to replace your existing styles with your custom settings.

The Fonts tab will open to show you the new text settings and all the text on your page or site of the matching type will automatically be updated to match your new defaults.

Selecting a font

Leadpages offers over 60 fonts to choose from, listed below, as well as the ability to upload your own custom font. Learn how ↗


Size, spacing and formatting

You can customize your text size to either increase or decrease the size within the text widget settings.

Line spacing will adjust the amount of space between each line of text within a paragraph.

Break margin will adjust the amount of space after a paragraph break.

Each of these settings can be changed by either typing in a new value or by clicking the dropdown and selecting a value from the list.

NOTE:These settings can be different for each paragraph of text. Either click within a specific paragraph to focus your changes or select all text, then select a text type or make your custom changes within the text widget settings.


You also have the option to bold, italicize, underline, or strikethrough text, respectively.

Bold and italic formats can be part of your default style or customized on specific text, while strikethrough and underline can only be set on specific text.


Customizing text, bullet and icon color

Use the color picker to choose from your brand colors, recent colors, or click ADD next to "Recent Colors" to enter hex codes or select a different color for your text.

When editing a bulleted list, select the color picker, then the "List Item" tab to change the bullet, number or custom icon color as seen below.


Creating lists and adjusting alignment

Click the alignment icon to select left-, center-, and right-aligned text.


Select the bulleted list icon to create a list with checkmarks, bullets, numbers, or custom icons. Select the bottom crossed-out icon to remove the list styling.


Creating links

You can link any text to a pop-up, Calendly pop-up, page section, landing page, or external URL. Highlight the text you’d like to turn into a link and click the link icon in the widget settings. Then, choose your link’s destination. You can also learn more about creating pop-ups here. ​For more on linking options, click here.



Add superscripts, symbols, and emojis

On a Mac:

To add a trademark symbol, superscripts, emojis etc. to text on your page, place your cursor where you would like to insert it. Then navigate to your browser's top menu bar and click Edit, then Emoji and Symbols. A window will appear where you can search and select the character you're looking to insert. Once selected, the character will be inserted onto your page.

On a PC (Windows 10 Chrome):

To add a trademark symbol, superscripts, emojis etc. to text on your page, place your cursor where you would like to insert it. Right-click, then select Emoji. A window will appear where you can search and select the character you're looking to insert. Once selected, the character will be inserted onto your page.

NOTE: Some symbols not natively formatted as superscripts (copyright, registered, fractions) on your computer or browser may require custom coding.

Adding text animation

You can add text animation to any text widget. Select the animation tab in the text widget settings to select an animation.

You can adjust the animation's speed as well as delay when it appears for your visitors.

Text animations are applied to all text inside the widget and appear once your visitor has scrolled to that area on your page.

Available fonts

Below are the fonts available in the Leadpages Builder.

Alegreya Alegreya Sans Archivo Narrow Arial Arvo Barlow BioRhyme
Chivo Cormorant Garamond Crimson Text Dancing Script Domine Dosis Eczar
Exo 2 Fira Sans Fjalla One Forum Georgia Handlee Inconsolata
Indie Flower Inknut Antiqua Karla Lato Libre Baskerville Libre Franklin Lobster
Lora Merriweather Montserrat Neuton Noto Sans Noto Serif Nunito
Old Standard TT Open Sans Open Sans Condensed Oswald Oxygen Playfair Display Poppins
PT Sans PT Sans Narrow PT Serif Quattrocento Questrial Raleway Roboto Condensed
Roboto Slab Rozha One Rubik Source Code Pro Source Sans Pro Source Serif Pro Space Mono
Tenor Sans Times New Roman Titillium Web Ubuntu Varela Round Work Sans  

Tips and frequently asked questions

Can I use different icons for each item in my bullet list?

Your selected icon will apply to the entire list. However, you can create multiple lists within the same text widget if you separate them with an empty line.

Can I upload my own text/font style?

Yes! Here's how: Add a custom font

If you’re pairing text with an image or a calendar event, consider using a more specific widget.

You can read more about our Image + Text widget here.

What if I made a mistake or changed my mind? 

No problem. If you made a mistake while editing your text or making changes in the text widget settings, simply click “undo” or “redo” within the widget settings to get back to the desired change.

If you have changed your mind after updating the global defaults for your text type, simply click “undo” at the top of the builder once to undo the text change and one more time to undo the global change.

What if I create my text in another document first and I don't want the text formatting to carry into Leadpages? 

You can use keyboard shortcuts to paste without formatting.
  • Mac: Option + Cmd + Shift + V
  • Windows: Ctrl + Shift + V

If you are still noticing that the text formatting isn’t correct, all you’ll need to do is highlight the text you are seeing discrepancies with and select the font size again.

Need more help?

You can always get in touch with our support team—just click Support in your Leadpages navigation menu, or submit a ticket ↗

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