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Manage your Leadpages Dashboard

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Upon logging in to Leadpages, you will see a dashboard with a quick summary of the most recent activity in your account. From a list of the assets you've been working on, to a glance at your latest traffic and conversions, the dashboard delivers a top-level view of your account. Here we'll detail what each of the dashboard cards represent and how you can use them to navigate your Leadpages account even faster.


The fine print

  • The Leadpages Dashboard is an overview of the entire account.
  • Dashboard content is not currently able to be edited or hidden. Each dashboard card is detailed below as well as how to access more information.
  • The "earnings" metric is strictly based on sales using the checkout widget.

Dashboard cards

Each card on the dashboard contains information specific to your Leadpages account, helping you see where you're at and gain quick access to what you need.

Jumpstart your success

Under "Jumpstart your success" you'll find a checklist of to-do's after creating your account. These are some recommended tasks to complete in your first few days of creating your Leadpages account. Hover over any task in the list, then click Get Started.

After completing a checklist item, you can Revisit the task to complete it again. When all tasks have been completed, the checklist card will no longer show on your dashboard.

Recently updated

The "recently updated" card lists the assets you have been working on as of late. Next to each asset you'll see a quick glance at its analytics. Click on the name of any asset in this list to start editing it.

To see the full list of your assets, simply click on its category on the left-hand side of your navigation menu (e.g. Landing Pages, Conversion Tools).


Get an account-wide overview of the views, unique visitors, and conversions for all of your Leadpages assets combined under the "performance" card.

Click the drop-down to change the timeframe of the performance card from the past 30 days to 60 or 90 days.

Click here to learn more about how to access the analytics of each of your assets in greater depth.

Latest leads collected

Under "latest leads collected," you'll see a list of the most recent email opt-ins across any asset ("source") in your account.

To view your entire Leads Library, click View All Leads at the bottom of the card. Learn more about the Lead Library here.


From Conversion Coaching calls to special webinars, the "events" card is an extension of what Leadpages offers, helping you not only build high-converting assets, but also building business strategies.

Click Details to get more information about any one of the events listed.

Need more help?

You can always get in touch with our support team—just click Support in your Leadpages navigation menu, or submit a ticket ↗

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