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Create an on-page pop-up

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Pop-ups are a great way to focus a visitor’s attention on opting in to your list. You can link pop-ups to buttons, images, or text on your page. When a visitor clicks on the object you have linked to the pop-up, your opt-in form will appear. To create a pop-up, follow the steps below.


The fine print

  • On-page pop-ups are separate from the standalone pop-ups listed in your account navigation menu under Conversion Tools. For more information on standalone pop-ups to place on your blog or website, click here.
  • Any pop-ups created within a page or site are specific to that page or site and only available within the page or site.
  • When choosing a pop-up to add to an element on your page, there is a limit of 24 on-page pop-ups to select from.

Create your pop-up

Most Leadpage templates come pre-loaded with on-page pop-ups ready for you to edit. You can of course delete these template pop-ups as well and create a new one from scratch.


Existing button and pop-up on a template

Hover over your button, then click Edit Pop-Up as seen below (alternatively, click your button, then click the link icon in the widget settings panel).

New button and pop-up

Drag any linkable widget to your page (such as a button, image, or text)—or, use an existing widget on your template. We’ll be using a button widget in this guide.

Hover over your button, then click Add Click Event Open a Pop-Up > Create New.

Edit your pop-up

Customizing your pop-up's form

To edit your form, click on any part of the form widget and edit its options in the left-hand sidebar, as shown below.

NOTE: If you already have a Leadpages site, landing page, or pop-up built, you have the option to copy + paste a section onto your new pop-up. Learn more ↗

You can learn more about editing your forms here: The form widget

Forms are one-step opt-ins, where the form appears embedded on the page. Pop-ups are considered two-step opt-ins; the form only appears after a visitor clicks a linked object like a button, text, or image.

Naming your pop-up

We recommend naming your pop-up to make sure it’s easy to keep track of (especially if you set up multiple pop-ups on the same page).

You can name your form as well. When you receive Lead Notification emails, they will refer to the form the user opted-into, rather than the name of the pop-up. For more information on renaming your form widget, click here

To name your pop-up, click Settings in the left-hand sidebar, then edit the name field and click Save. Note, if you've got your form settings open, click anywhere outside of the form widget on your pop-up to access the settings option.


Testing your pop-up

When you’re all set, you can test your pop-up by previewing your page—it will pop up when you click its trigger.

Deleting a pop-up


A pop-up will not be visible on the page if they're not linked to a part of the page but they are still available and can be selected from in your "Edit Click" menu.

If you no longer need a pop-up, you can delete it by hovering over your button, clicking Edit Click Event, and then selecting the pop-up of your choosing from the drop-down menu. Once selected, click "Delete Pop-Up".


Each page can have up to 24 on-page pop-ups to select from. However, the more pop-ups on your page can affect loading and other functionality on your page, so it's recommended to regularly delete your on-page pop-ups that you're not actively using.

Multiple pop-ups and forms

If you're selling multiple products, delivering multiple webinar dates or looking to have a pop-up that entices your visitors to subscribe to a newsletter and one that sells a product, you could have multiple pop-ups on a single page. This is also great when selling multiple products.

You could do this either by adding multiple buttons with different pop-ups (and forms) connected to them, or you could have a single button connected to a single pop-up with multiple form widgets on it.


As an example, to attach a new pop-up (with a new form) or a different existing pop-up to a second button on your page:

  1. Hover over the button, then click Edit Click Event.
  2. Select Create New, or click the pop-ups drop-down to select an existing pop-up.
  3. Customize your new pop-up and its form settings.

If you have added another button to your page, to attach a new pop-up (with a new form) to the new button:

  1. Hover over the button, then click Add Click Event.
  2. Select Open a pop-up.
  3. Click the Create New.
  4. Customize your new pop-up and its form settings.


You have the option to add multiple forms to a single pop-up. This may be useful if you are looking for a single call-to-action button, but have multiple dates for a webinar, or are selling two separate products.

Need more help?

You can always get in touch with our support team—just click Support in your Leadpages navigation menu, or submit a ticket ↗

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