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Upgrade or change your plan

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There are plenty of reasons you might want to change your Leadpages subscription. Whether you want access to Pro-level features, just want to switch to annual billing and save on your subscription, or are coming up on your renewal and looking to change to a plan that better fits your budget. You can perform any of these plan changes right from within your Leadpages account.


The fine print

  • Any balance on your current plan will get credited to your new plan—which can reduce the initial price. For instance, if you have $30 worth of time remaining on your current plan, and upgrade to a $100 plan, you’d get charged $70. (Note you may not be charged immediately if you have built up credit in your account. You will be presented with the current amount owed in the last step of your plan change.)
  • In most cases, you’ll be charged immediately upon upgrading your plan. If you change your plan during a trial, you will not be billed until the end of your free trial.
  • Depending on your location, you may be subject to taxes with your Leadpages subscription fee. Your location is based on your billing address.
  • All of our plans renew automatically (on a monthly or annual basis). A new billing cycle begins any time you change your subscription.
  • When you change plans, you’ll lose access to any locked-in pricing or features from your old plan. If you decide to switch back to your original subscription in the future, you’ll be subject to any changes in pricing or features.
  • If you are changing to a lower plan and you have more domains connected than your new plan allows, you will need to remove the additional connected domains before changing plans.

Step by step

  1. Click your account name at the top-left corner of your account navigation menu, then Billing and click Upgrade (or simply click Upgrade at the bottom-left corner of your navigation menu).
  2. Review the available plans, then click Select Plan for the plan you’d like to switch to (as shown below).
  3. Depending on the amount of time left on your current plan, you will be presented with the amount of credit that will be applied to your new plan as well as the amount you will immediately be charged. Then click Upgrade (or Change).
TIP: You can save money by paying annually for your Leadpages subscription.

Frequently asked questions

Will I receive a refund when I change plans?

No. As a subscription service, Leadpages does not offer refunds, however, when changing plans, any paid remaining time on your current subscription will be applied as a credit to your new plan. At times, this means your first payment on your new plan will be less.

I am not able to change my plan. Why?

You will not be able to change plans if your account is missing a complete billing address or you have previously added the 30-day extension to your account. Make sure to update your billing address here before changing plans.


Need more help?

You can always get in touch with our support team—just click Support in your Leadpages navigation menu, or submit a ticket ↗

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