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Create Facebook and Instagram Ads

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WARNING: The Facebook Ad builder inside of Leadpages is currently under repair and unavailable. We recommend using Facebook's Ads Manager to create and launch your ads at this time. Any ads created within Leadpages and currently running will not be interrupted.

Get started

You can access the ads creator from a few different spots—but the fastest way is to click the Facebook icon facebook in your list of pages, or within the builder.

NOTE: Our Facebook Ads integration is available for drag-and-drop landing pages. Pages cannot be part of a split test when creating a Facebook Ad.

Here are the full steps:

  1. Click Create Facebook Ad from your list of pages or within the builder.
  2. When prompted, select your Facebook Page and click Continue.
  3. Review your ad and customize your content, budget, and audience to fit your business’ needs.
  4. When you’re all set, click Promote to launch your ad.

Facebook account overview

The first time you create an ad, Facebook will prompt you to connect your account to Leadpages. You must have a Facebook Business Page and an ad account to run promotions.

If you don’t have a Facebook Business Page or an ad account, no worries. Just start the process of creating an ad, and Facebook will prompt you to set up whatever you need with just a few clicks.

Customize your ads

Most initial setup for your ad is automatically taken care of. Your ad’s content, audience, and budget will get pre-populated based on information from your Facebook Page.

But if you need to, you can customize every aspect of your campaign before you launch it.

Ad creative

To change your ad’s media and text content, click Edit next to Ad Creative.

From there you can customize the ad’s copy to reflect your offer. You can also swap out the default image for a different one, or for a video.

WARNING: Your ad won’t be automatically tracked if you use a URL outside of Leadpages. Learn More →

For strategies on creating compelling ads, check out these tips ↗

Audience and placement

Using the Audience panel in the ad creator, you can customize who to target and optimize your ad spend. Edit your ad’s audience to optimize who you’re targeting, or create an entirely new audience.

You’ll find in-depth strategies and best practices for creating audiences in our guide: The New Advertiser’s Guide to Facebook Audiences ↗

NOTE: Some advanced audience types aren’t available within Leadpages just yet. Previously saved custom audiences within Facebook are not yet available within Leadpages.

Facebook will optimize your ad’s placement automatically. You can switch between tabs in your ad preview pane to see what it’ll look like on desktop, mobile, and Instagram.

About Instagram ads

You can include Instagram in your ad placements to extend your reach even further. To do so, just make sure “Run promotion on Instagram” is selected in the audience panel of your ad’s settings.

Facebook will automatically include Instagram as an available ad placement. To preview what your ad will look like, select the Instagram tab in your ad’s preview pane.

Budget and duration

Choose an end date for your promotion and set your daily budget. Facebook will estimate how many clicks per day your ad will receive based on the budget you set.

Keep in mind, your actual ad spend might differ from your budget on certain days, but it’ll all average out by the end of your campaign.

To learn more about budgeting strategies and how bidding works, check out Buying Facebook ads ↗


By default, we’ll automatically install the Facebook Pixel so you can track your promotion. The Facebook Pixel unlocks powerful insights that you can use to optimize your promotions.

NOTE: For automatic Pixel installation, you must use the Leadpages-hosted URL for your page.

Once your promotion is live, you can view analytics in a few different spots, including your page’s analytics dashboard.

You can also view your ad’s performance within Facebook. Keep in mind that metrics between services might not always add up. There are a few reasons for this:

  • We’ll track visits and conversions no matter where they come from. However, Facebook will only track views and conversions that come from your ad—so you might find higher numbers in Leadpages than in Facebook.
  • Only ads you create within Leadpages can be tracked in Leadpages. If you run other ads to your landing page, you’ll need to go to Facebook to track them.
  • Facebook Ads Manager analytics may not update for up to 24 hours.


When you’re all set with your ad, click Promote to launch it 🚀

Check back any time to view its performance. And in the meantime, sit back and let the new leads roll in.

Facebook Ads Manager

There will certainly be times where you'd like a bit more customization and control of your Facebook Ads. When that happens, you can always use Facebook's Ad Manager to create an ad campaign for your landing page.

Facebook Ad Formats

Facebook provides numerous different types of ad formats including, photo, carousel and video ads.

Need more help?

You can always get in touch with our support team—just click Support in your Leadpages navigation menu, or submit a ticket ↗

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