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Edit an image

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You can crop, adjust an image's visual settings (e.g. brightness, contrast), and add filters, frames, or text to it within the image editor.



The fine print

  • Image editing is available for any image uploaded to your Leadpages account. It is not available for images that are a part of a template.
  • The original image upload will not be affected by saved edits. After edits have been made to an image and they have been saved, an edited version of the image is saved to your Leadpages images library.
  • Premium images cannot be edited.

Accessing the image editor

To open the image editor, click on the image you would like to edit on your page or from your image library in your account, then the image icon in the widget's settings. Click Edit at the bottom-left corner of the image preview.


Editing options

On the left-hand side of the image editor, there are numerous editing options for you to choose from.

Crop an image

Drag the corners of the image editor to a desired location for a customized crop, or select a pre-set crop like Square from the cropping settings.

Rotate, flip or tilt an image

Use the icons next to the pre-set crops to rotate or flip an image and the level at the bottom of the image to adjust its orientation.

Adjust image visual settings

Select Adjust from the left-hand menu and you can adjust numerous image visual settings like brightness, contrast, saturation and more. Select which setting you would like to adjust, then drag the dial to the left or right.

Add a filter

Select Filter to add a pre-set filter to your image. Simply click on the filter you would like to add. To remove the filter, select "Default" on the far-left.

Add a frame

Select Frame to add a border around your image. Simply click on the frame you like to add. To remove the frame, select "None" on the far-left.

Add text or draw on an image

To add text or draw on your image, select Draw. Then select the tool you would like to use below the image. To remove the element you added to the image, click on it, then select the trash icon.

Blur an image

To blur part of an image, select Redact. Then click and drag the blurred box over the part of the image you would like redacted. Click on the redacted area, then the trash can to remove it.

Undoing or reverting edits

While inside the image editor, to undo or redo any edits you have made, simply click the undo buttons or you can also use standard keyboard shortcuts to undo changes.

To revert to the very beginning of the image's original state, click the clock icon at the top-left corner of the image editor.

NOTE: Even after saving, you have the option to undo/redo changes within the Leadpages builder as well. Learn more →

Saving edits

When you're finished, click Save Copy in the bottom-right corner of the image editor. A copy of the edited version of your image will be saved to your Leadpages images library without affecting the original image you uploaded to your account.

Meta data previously saved to the original image will not carry over to the copy.

Need more help?

You can always get in touch with our support team—just click Support in your Leadpages navigation menu, or submit a ticket ↗

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