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Duplicate a site

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You can duplicate any published site in your account so that you can edit it and use it again.

Also, if you're looking to simply copy a section of a page or pop-up, learn how to copy + paste a section here.

  1. Click the Sites tab in the left-hand navigation of your account.
  2. Click the Actions ... menu next to the site you'd like to duplicate in the Sites listing.
  3. Select Duplicate.
  4. Name your duplicate site. Click Save & Close if you would like to wait to edit your duplicate, or click Start Building.
  5. Your new duplicate site will open in the builder and you're free to start editing.
NOTE: Site names must be 35 characters or fewer. Sites with more than 10 pop-ups are not currently able to be duplicated.

The duplicated site retains the features of the original site.

Your integrations (other than Zapier and Checkouts), content, and styles in your duplicate will be the same as your original.

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