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The video widget

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Videos are a great way to tell a story, showcase a product, or share something with your audience. This widget allows you to embed video from hosting sites like Wistia or YouTube directly on your pages and pop-ups.


Using the video widget

Once you have created and uploaded a video to a hosting site such as YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia, you can embed it within Leadpages.

First, you’ll want to find the embed code for your video from your video service and copy it.

For example, you can get your embed code from YouTube under the Share › Embed tab.

NOTE: We recommend using iframe code, but other embed codes may work as well. Please know that using any scripts within your embed code can cause problems on the page in certain cases.

Once your video widget is on your page or pop-up, click anywhere on the widget or the edit icon to add your code.

Paste your embed code into the available space, then click Save, as seen below:

Resizing your video

Once your video is placed on your page or pop-up, it will expand or shrink to fit the container its embedded in. Resizing your video’s containing column is the best way to control the video size. More details about page layouts can be found here.

NOTE: Adjusting your code directly will not affect width and height in most cases. We recommend adjusting your video size using the builder’s layout setting tools instead.

Customization and Styling Details

Some video hosting services (like Wistia) provide options to customize the look of your video to match your brand. Others may include features like social share links and related videos. Note that you must set these options up in your video hosting provider—the Leadpages builder does not include tools for video customization.

Tips and Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn’t my video playing?

Videos do not play within the builder itself—though you should see a preview image of your video. If your page is published to a secure server (i.e. at a URL beginning with https://) but your video is hosted on a non-secure server (i.e. http://) it may not play. You’ll need to either adjust your embed code to use https:// or publish your page to a non-secure server.

Can I autoplay my video?

It's certainly possible to set your video to autoplay depending on the video service. You'll find this setting within whichever hosting provider you're using for your video, such as Wistia or YouTube. Often times, this requires editing your embed code, such as "?autoplay=1" in YouTube. A quick Google search for autoplay and your video service will guide you to the right steps for implementation.

Keep in mind, we are not able to support this type of code or troubleshoot if it does not work.

Additionally, not all browsers (Chrome for example) allow the ability to autoplay videos so that may create an inconsistent experience for your viewers.

Can I upload a video file directly from my device?

In order to generate an embed code, videos must be uploaded to a video hosting service. Direct upload and file-hosting services, such as DropBox or Google Drive, will not produce the proper code for integrating the video on your page.

Need more help?

You can always get in touch with our support team—just click Support in your Leadpages navigation menu, or submit a ticket ↗

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