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Publish your landing page

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NOTE: Publishing is available on paid plans. If you are in your free trial, you can end your trial early to gain access.

Step-by-step guide
  1. Open your landing page in the builder by clicking the pencil icon next to it in your list of pages.
  2. Click Publish or the Update down_angle menu then click “Publish Options”.
  3. Use your connected domain or Leadpages Domain, or choose additional publishing options (which are outlined below) and click Done.

Publish settings

Under the first tab, Domain, in the publishing options modal, you can view your page’s default URL (hosted on our severs at your Leadpages Domain) or you can select a domain you've connected to Leadpages. You can also choose to prevent search engines from indexing your page and configure a redirect.

Other publishing options

On the second tab, you’ll find three additional options for publishing your page:

NOTE: You only need to download the WordPress connector plugin once. To get the latest version, you’ll need to navigate to Integrations › Plugins in your account (only Version 1 is available via the publishing options within the builder). For more details, see: Migrating from Previous WordPress Plugin Versions.


Frequently asked questions

I can't publish my page. What's up?

If you are trying to publish but the builder seems to continue to load. It's possible you're experiencing a browser caching issue. We'd recommend you try publishing in an incognito window or clearing your cache.

If you're receiving an error that reads, "To accept credit card payments with the checkout widget, connect your account with Stripe," it's likely that you've chosen a template with pre-designed pop-ups containing checkout widgets. Not using them? You can simply click "remove" in the error message to remove the unused pop ups.  Otherwise,  edit settings will allow you to select a product to sell.  

If you receive an error that reads, "There was an error when publishing your page. Please try again," the first step is to make sure there aren't any unused pop-ups sitting in the background of your page. Delete those dormant pop-ups and try to publish/update your page.


Duplicate or delete the form widget on your page and try to publish/update your page.

When I view my published page, it's completely blank, white. What now?

Oftentimes this means that some third-party code you have added to the page may be incomplete, frequently a Facebook Pixel. If you added a Pixel or another form of third-party coding to your settings, we would suggest removing that code and pasting the entire code again from its source. Update your page and that should do the trick.

Another possible culprit of the blank page is perhaps a timing control setting you've turned on for sections of your page

Need more help?

You can always get in touch with our support team—just click Support in your Leadpages navigation menu, or submit a ticket ↗

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