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Integrate Drip with Leadpages

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With our Drip integration, you can send leads directly to your campaigns and workflows. In this guide, you’ll learn how to connect your Drip and Leadpages accounts, set up a workflow or campaign, and start gaining new subscribers. Let’s dive right in!


The fine print

  • Drip is available with all of our assets, including: landing pages, sites, pop-ups, and alert bars.
  • Our API integration works with campaigns and workflows, so you’ll need to have at least one campaign or workflow to get started.

Integrate your account

Connecting your Drip account to Leadpages is super straightforward—you’ll just need your login credentials. Follow our guide here.

When you click Connect, Drip will ask you to log in and authorize Leadpages. If you have multiple accounts under your Drip subscription, you can select which one you’d like to use before authorizing Leadpages.

Send leads to Drip

No matter which tool you’re using (whether it’s a page or pop-up), you must select a specific campaign or workflow to send leads to. Follow these steps to choose an integration as the destination for your leads.

NOTE: Campaigns in draft mode will appear, and subscribers won’t get emailed unless you publish your campaign. To learn more about setting up your campaigns, please see Creating a Campaign in Drip’s Knowledge Base.

Best practices for campaigns and workflows

What happens to your subscribers once they enter your campaign or workflow depends on how you’ve set things up in Drip. That said, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Add a tag or an event to keep track of how subscribers were added to your database (for example, which page they opted in on). You can learn more about tags and events here: Overview of tags in Drip.
  • Double opt-in is enabled by default for campaigns. To manage your double opt-in settings, navigate to the settings of your campaign in Drip. More info here.
  • You do not need to set up a trigger when you send subscribers to a workflow. For more information, check out Drip’s recommendations on how to set up your workflow here.

Customize fields

Leadpages does not pull in custom fields from your Drip account. Instead, you can select fields from a standard set, which are listed below:

Field Name Unique Identifier
First Name
Last Name last_name
Full Name full_name
Salutation prefix_name
Phone Number phone_number
Home Phone Number home_phone
Work Phone Number work_phone
Cell Phone Number cell_phone
Fax Number fax
Company company_name
Job Title job_title
Street Address address_street
City address_city
State address_state
Postal Code address_postal_code

While these fields should fulfill most use cases, there are a couple of options you have if you’d like to use a different custom identifier.

One option is to add a field to your form that you wouldn’t otherwise use, such as “Job Title”. Then, set up a rule in Drip to rename the custom field to whatever you’d like. In fact, Drip has a detailed guide on how to rename custom fields here: How To Rename Custom Fields.

NOTE: Embedded forms from Drip is a legacy feature that is being replaced with their Onsite Campaigns feature. If your Drip account was created after November 2022, you will not have access to embedded forms, only Onsite Campaigns. More information on this can be found in Drip’s documentation here.
NOTE: If you are noticing that the Onsite Campaign isn't appearing on your landing page or site after embedding the form and saving those changes, we recommend checking out Drip's troubleshooting guide here!

Keep in mind, if you use a form in our HTML widget, it will not look like a normal Leadpages form. You will need to add custom CSS to style your form. And while we’d love to help with that processes, the complexities of custom code prevent us from offering support for styling forms.

Troubleshooting tips and FAQs

Someone has unsubscribed from my list in the past, but wants to opt back in. How can they re-subscribe?

After one of your subscribers has unsubscribed from your Drip list, the only way for them to resubscribe to receive your marketing is via an opt-in email or form created within Drip. They will not be resubscribed by simply opting in to a Leadpages form you have integrated with Drip. This is a stipulation set by Drip. Note: A Drip form could be embedded on a Leadpages landing page or pop-up using the HTML widget.

I set Leadpages as the trigger to my workflow, but subscribers aren’t being added… what can I do?

If you set up a “Submitted a landing page” trigger, you must also complete the integration steps in Leadpages. Otherwise, subscribers won’t be added to your workflow. Adding a trigger isn’t strictly necessary, but it can help you identify where subscribers are coming from if you have multiple workflows.

Be sure to use your form name—not your page name—if you do set up a trigger, like so:

I have specific questions about my Drip account, campaigns, and workflows. Can you help me? 

Although we'd love to help we recommend contacting the experts at Drip Support here.

Need more help?

You can always get in touch with our support team—just click Support in your Leadpages navigation menu, or submit a ticket ↗

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