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Integrate Infusionsoft with Leadpages

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Infusionsoft provides powerful email and CRM tools in an all-in-one package. Using our integration, you can add leads directly to Infusionsoft using tags. Let’s get started!

NOTE: As a company, Infusionsoft has rebranded and is now called Keap. Therefore, it is now referred to as "Infusionsoft by Keap."

The fine print

  • Infusionsoft is available with all of our assets: sites, pages, pop-ups, and alert bars.

Integrate your account

Before sending leads to Infusionsoft, you’ll need to connect your account to Leadpages.

NOTE: For the integration to work properly, we recommend connecting to an Infusionsoft account that’s in your Admin User Group. Get the steps ↗

Here’s how to integrate with Leadpages at the account level: Connect your integrations

Send leads to Infusionsoft

Now that your Infusionsoft account is connected to Leadpages, you can use it with any of your pages, forms, and more.

Follow these steps to choose an integration as the destination for your leads.

Our forms use a tag-based Infusionsoft integration. When your visitors opt in, they’ll appear in your contact database with any tags you select.

Tags are a powerful way to segment contacts and automate marketing tasks. Learn more in Infusionsoft’s Help Center:

You can search for (and select) up to ten tags from your Infusionsoft account as you set up your form.

Migrate from web forms and sequences

Our former integration connected to Infusionsoft’s web forms and sequences. You’ll need to re-configure existing forms connected to web forms or sequences in Leadpages to take advantage of the new tag-based integration.

Here’s how to re-configure your forms:

  1. Open a page or a pop-up where your form is located. Then, click the form to open its settings.
  2. Select “Infusionsoft” from the integrations tab.
  3. Click Re-configure Form.
  4. Search and select up to 10 tags, then click Done to save your settings.
NOTE: Once you re-configure your form, you won’t be able to reconnect to an Infusionsoft web form or sequence.

Supported fields

We support all of Infusionsoft’s standard fields other than the Infusionsoft Company Name field as well as custom fields from your Infusionsoft account.

WARNING: Infusionsoft requires State fields to be accompanied by a Country/Region field and vice versa on Leadpages forms. If both are not present, the opt-in will not be sent to Infusionsoft.

If you use the “Lead Source Id” field, you’ll need to take a few extra steps:

  1. Copy your Lead Source ID from Infusionsoft.
  2. Paste it into the Lead Source ID field in Leadpages as the default value.

NOTE: Checkboxes created within Infusionsoft will appear as radio buttons in the builder.

Affiliate tracking

Part of Infusionsoft's system allows for you to run your own affiliate program. If you are using their referral partner program and would like to track which of your affiliates is bringing you new leads, you can do so with Leadpages and the Infusionsoft integration by following the steps below.


In Leadpages

  1. After adding Infusionsoft to your form, navigate to ②FIELDS tab and add the "Lead Affiliate ID" hidden field.

  2. Enter "affiliate" in the URL mapping field, then click Done. Make sure to publish your page.

In Infusionsoft

  1. Navigate to "Referral Partners," then "Referral Tracking Link," and click Add Referral Tracking Link.

  2. Create your custom "Website Address." There are three parts: your Infusionsoft instance URL (ends will .com when logged in to your account; e.g., the slug /aff.html?to=, and your page's published URL. e.g.
  3. Fill out the rest of the information as you would like, then click Save.
  4. To access the links your affiliate partners will use, navigate to Referral Partners >> View Referral Partners >> Login >> Link Generator. For more on how partners access their affiliate links, use this Infusionsoft resource.
NOTE: This method will record hits, but not opt-ins in the link tracking stats as this has been specifically restricted by Infusionsoft through integrations and the API. To count both hits and opt-ins within the link tracking stats in Infusionsoft, an Infusionsoft embedded form must be used with an HTML widget in Leadpages.

Frequently asked questions

Someone has unsubscribed from my list in the past, but wants to opt back in. How can they re-subscribe?

After one of your subscribers has unsubscribed from your Infusionsoft list, the only way for them to resubscribe to receive your marketing is via an opt-in email or form created within Infusionsoft. They will not be resubscribed by simply opting in to a Leadpages form you have integrated with Infusionsoft. This is a stipulation set by Infusionsoft. Note: An Infusionsoft form could be embedded on a Leadpages landing page or pop-up using the HTML widget.

Can I connect directly to a web form or sequence?

Our platform uses a tag-based integration. Learn how to use tag goals.

Need more help?

You can always get in touch with our support team—just click Support in your Leadpages navigation menu, or submit a ticket ↗

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