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Integrate GoToWebinar with Leadpages

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GoToWebinar is one a popular tool for hosting and running webinars. If you have an account, you can connect a specific webinar to Leadpages to register new leads. Check out the guide below to learn how to integrate and configure your conversion tools to work with GoToWebinar.


The fine print

  • GoToWebinar requires email, first name, and last name fields to be collected. More details…
  • We don’t currently integrate with GoToMeeting or other Citrix products—you must have a GoToWebinar account to connect with Leadpages.
  • The Leadpages GoToWebinar integration connects to standard, live webinars. Pre-recorded webinars cannot be connected at this time.

Integrate your account

First, you'll need to connect your GoToWebinar account with Leadpages. Follow our guide here.

Send leads to GoToWebinar​

Once you’re integrated with GoToWebinar at the account level, you can connect your pages, forms, and more to specific webinars. Then, when someone opts in, they’ll be registered for the webinar you choose. ​

NOTE: Only active/future webinars will appear in Leadpages; past webinars aren’t included in the integration list.

Webinars are listed by title in Leadpages. If you have a lot of webinars, we recommend giving each webinar a unique, identifiable name in GoToWebinar, e.g. “July Training - 10 AM Session”. That way, you can easily tell in Leadpages which webinar you’d like to connect to.

Follow these steps to choose an integration as the destination for your leads.

About GoToWebinar fields

GoToWebinar requires you to collect email, first name, and last name fields. In addition to those three, you can add registration questions to collect other information from registrants.

Things get a little tricky if you use GoToWebinar with another service simultaneously. You’ll want to make sure you use first and last name fields from that service if possible—otherwise you may end up with multiple name fields on your form.

Also keep in mind that GoToWebinar must have a matching registration question to collect form data. For example, if you added a birthday field to your form from another service, that data wouldn’t pass through to GoToWebinar.

Skip collecting first and last name fields

If you use GoToWebinar with a service that doesn’t provide first and last name fields, you can use the following setup:

  1. In your form settings, hide the first name field and give it a default value (such as “Friend”).
  2. Hide the last name field, then give it a default value (such as “.” or a space).

Confirmation emails

GoToWebinar sends up to four types of automatic emails for each webinar:

  • A confirmation email to registrants
  • Reminder emails before the webinar
  • Follow-up email to attendees
  • Follow-up email to absentees

You can adjust email settings for each webinar—for instance turn off the confirmation email or adjust reminder email timing. For details, check out GoToWebinar’s guide here.

While GoToWebinar doesn’t provide a traditional “confirmed opt-in” sequence, you can choose to manually approve all registrants. Learn more…

Troubleshooting tips and FAQs

Does Leadpages support recurring webinars? Why do I see duplicates of the same webinar in Leadpages?

We treat each webinar session as a separate event; GoToWebinar treats recurring webinars as one event with multiple sessions. Each form in Leadpages can only integrate with one webinar session. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to give recurring sessions unique names—so while we support them, it’ll be difficult to tell sessions apart within Leadpages.

As an alternative, consider copying past one-time webinars.

What’s the difference between a registrant and attendee?

Anyone who signs up for a webinar is considered a registrant before the webinar airs. The same person can register for multiple webinars.

People who actually join (attend) a webinar are considered attendees.

NOTE: Each session has an attendee limit determined by your GoToWebinar account level. It’s often possible to have more registrants than attendees.

Need more help?

You can always get in touch with our support team—just click Support in your Leadpages navigation menu, or submit a ticket ↗

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