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The social widget

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TIP: Before adding the social widget to your page, make sure to add the preview image and description you'd like visitors to see when it's shared on social media platforms. Learn more 

Using the social widget

Setting up services

Once you add the widget to your page, click on any of the default icons to open the settings side panel. From there, you can remove any services you don’t want to include by clicking the trash can icon.

Click on any service to open its URL settings. If you choose Share this page URL on… the widget will automatically use the URL of your page.

Alternatively, you can choose to Share another URL you’d like visitors to share. This is useful if you include sharing options on a thank you page but want your customers to share your sales or opt-in page.

To link the social icons to your social pages, choose the Link to profile option and paste in your page or feed's URL.

NOTE: Not all social networks having sharing options via the social widget. 

To reorder the services in the widget, click the up/down arrows in the settings sidebar, to the left of each service icon.

Customization and styling details

Orientation options

The social sharing icons can be oriented horizontally or vertically—just click Orientation in the widget settings panel and choose your desired option.

Alignment options

You can align the widget to the left, center, or right within its container as well.


Color options

To align with your page's branding, you can customize the colors of the social widget. You'll be able to modify both the Button and Icon colors of the social widget. Currently, the colors selected will be applied universally to all social buttons/icons within the social widget.

Use the color picker to choose from your Brand Colors, Recent Colors, or click ADD next to 'Recent Colors' to enter hex codes or select a different color for your social widget as seen below.

If you’d like to use each service’s brand colors, you’ll just need to clear your custom colors using the slashed-circle icon.

Tips and frequently asked questions

How can I add other networks to the social options?

At this time, we support sharing to Facebook, X(Twitter), LinkedIn and Pinterest and linking to all available networks listed in the social widget. If another service you use provides a share URL, you can use the icon widget to link their icon to that URL. Please keep in mind that this setup is limited by the ability to get a URL that enables sharing from your service of choice.

The preview that shows up in the sharing options isn’t what I expected… what can I do?

Social networks use page data to try and generate post previews, but sometimes old data slips in or a service can't find the data it needs to generate a preview. We have a full article that covers post previews in more depth, where you can learn how to manually adjust certain preview options: Edit the social preview of your landing page or site

Need more help?

You can always get in touch with our support team—just click Support in your Leadpages navigation menu, or submit a ticket ↗

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