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The date widget

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Using the date widget allows you to place a date and text in the same part of your page, without needing two separate widgets.


Using the date widget

Use the date widget to add a date of importance to your pages or pop-ups.

TIP: If you're looking to embed a calendar, consider using our Calendly embed widget or HTML widget.

Editing the date

Drag a date widget where you'd like it, then click on it to select the calendar icon. From there, you'll be able to edit the date specified.

Formatting and styling

The text font of the date widget will always be the same as the global font text style for your page, pop-up or site.

Use the paint brush icon to change the look and feel of your date.

Use the color picker to choose from your brand colors, recent colors, or click ADD next to "Recent Colors" to enter hex codes or select a different color for your date widget as seen here:

Tips and Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the text in the date graphic (to use a different language, for instance)?

You sure can!  You can do so in the widget language settings.

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