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Checkouts: Frequently asked questions

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NOTE: Checkouts are available to Pro and Advanced subscribers.


Collecting payments

Are there transaction fees when using Checkouts?

Yes. Stripe collects 2.9% + $0.30 per successful card charge. However, there is no additional charge to use the checkout widget in Leadpages.

Are payments supported internationally?

Yes, we support any country that Stripe does, including the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the European Union. For additional information, please see Checkouts will always display your product’s price in whatever currency you’ve set within Stripe.

Which payment processors are supported?

At this time, all payments are handled by Stripe. We may add integrations with other payment services in the future.

Can I test a Checkout?

Yes! Learn more here.

At this time, we don’t support using Stripe’s test database.

Can I collect payments using Leadpages on my external website?

Yes, you can add a Checkout to your site in a few different ways. For pages that include a Checkout, you can use any of our standard publishing options. You can also publish a pop-up with a Checkout using any standard publishing methods.

Stripe requires for the Checkout to be published to a secure URL. If the URL uses https:// instead of http://, it’s secure. All domains connected directly to Leadpages are secure. More information here.

Product setup

How do I sell multiple products?

You can only sell one single product per Checkout. To sell multiple products, you can set up additional Checkouts.

For example, if you’re selling registration spots for two different event dates, you could add two buttons to your page and connect each to a pop-up with a Checkout.

Can I charge customers on a recurring basis?

Yes! More information here →

My product isn’t in the Checkout settings drop-down menu… what should I do?

Here are some steps you can take if your product doesn’t appear within Leadpages:

  1. If you’ve recently made changes in Stripe, click "⟳ Not finding what you’re looking for? Try refreshing" below where you select a product to sell within Leadpages.
  2. Make sure your product has pricing plan and is set to Active status.

Still having trouble? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team with further questions.

Form customization

Can I add a coupon or promo code to my form?

The Leadpages checkout widget does not currently feature the ability to add a coupon or promo code to the form, however, you can certainly set up a discounted product with a price that already includes the savings and title it appropriately so that your visitors can see they're receiving a promotional offer.

Can I customize my Checkout’s form’s fields or buy button?

Default payment fields are configured to provide a clear purchasing experience, and are not customizable. If you configure a Checkout to sell a shippable product, your form will also include required shipping fields.

Your button will always display cost information directly from Stripe, so your customers know exactly how much they’re spending. Therefore, there is not a way to edit the buy button's text or pricing.

NOTE: Stripe requires the expiration date field on a checkout form to contain a / symbol between the card's month and year of expiration.

What information can I collect from customers?

Checkouts always include default fields to process transactions, but you can add more fields by connecting another integration. Just like our opt-in forms, your integration determines which fields you can add.

Note that your customers’ email address will get sent to all integrations you set up. Payment and any shipping details will only be sent to Stripe, while any other fields will only be sent to your other integration(s).

Transaction follow-up

How can I deliver a product to customers once they make a purchase?

Depending on your product, there are a few ways to handle fulfillment. For digital products (such as ebooks, videos, etc.) you can add a lead magnet to your payment form—just as you would with an email opt-in form. You can check out a detailed guide here: Send a Lead Magnet. The lead magnet will only get sent once someone has submitted the Checkout form.

Or, if you’ve added another integration to your Checkout (such as a CRM or email service provider), you might look into their options for sending digital products automatically.

If you add shipping fields, required shipping fields will automatically be added to your form and sent to Stripe. Keep in mind, we do not provide services for handling tax, shipping, or logistics involved with delivering physical products.

What can I do if a customer requests a refund?

Checkouts are only designed to process an initial transaction. To issue refunds, you’ll need to go through Stripe. For instructions, please check out “How do I issue refunds?” from Stripe’s support site.

Why was a customer’s purchase declined?

Transactions can fail for a variety of reasons. If a charge doesn’t go through, we display error messaging from Stripe on your payment form. You can also investigate failed charges in your Stripe account. Learn more about declined charges in their helpful guide here: Why was a customer’s charge declined?

Will my customers receive a receipt for their purchase?

Yes, we pass your customers’ email address to Stripe so they can send a receipt. To learn more about how to make sure email receipts are turned on in your Stripe account, click here.


What currency are my "Earnings" analytics showing in Leadpages?

Although the "Earnings" column of your analytics displays the United States Dollar sign, the earnings number will match your default currency of your Stripe account.

Need more help?

You can always get in touch with our support team—just click Support in your Leadpages navigation menu, or submit a ticket ↗

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